How Connected Vehicle Technology Is Recouping COVID-19 Dealership Losses Blog

The global pandemic shifted the way the average American engaged in transportation. Employees were unable to commute to work by public transportation, and the closure of offices reduced commuting. Cars sat in driveways or were sold to pay rent, and incentives to purchase new vehicles disappeared. New car sales plummeted as mass layoffs ensued and disposable income depleted – leaving …

Your Guide to Car Warning Light Symbols and the Technology Ready to Help

Your Guide to Car Warning Light Symbols and the Technology Ready to Help Blog

Keeping a car running in pristine condition requires periodic repairs and the occasional scheduled maintenance appointment. More often than not, your vehicle will notify you of any service that it needs to continue performing optimally. Its dashboard contains dozens of lights. When illuminated, each will alert you of an internal mechanism that may need professional attention. While not all these …

How to Save Your Lot's Batteries with a Smart Alert System

How to Save Your Lot’s Batteries with a Smart Alert System

Joanna Lawrence Blog

When a car remains stationary for days or weeks on end, the battery’s charge starts to diminish. When the battery is unable to provide the electrical power to start the vehicle, it either requires a jumpstart to recharge or is outright drained. When you’re the manager of a dealership lot (or multiple), maintaining the health of hundreds of batteries can …

How Predictive Maintenance Tools Benefit Auto Dealers and Drivers

How Predictive Maintenance Tools Benefit Drivers and Their Vehicles

Joanna Lawrence Blog

Car maintenance is an unavoidable part of being a responsible car owner. When ignored or approached half-heartedly, you’re faced with repercussions not just for your wallet but also for your safety. However, there is a lot of guessing when those dreaded service lights go on. Ultimately, these service alerts tell us something is wrong, but not what is wrong. Thankfully, …

5 Ways to Leverage Connected Vehicle Technology in the Automotive Industry

5 Ways to Leverage Connected Vehicle Technology in the Automotive Industry

Joanna Lawrence Blog

Internet of Things (IoT) solutions have crept into just about every industry and corner of the world. Even the simplest of technologies, such as your vacuum, now have the capability to provide smartphone connectivity. But for the automotive industry, connected vehicle technology is driving a safer, more connected future while fueling a multi-billion-dollar movement.   Connected cars are a result of …

How to Leverage Connected Car Technology to Transform the Car Buying Experience

How Connected Car Technology Transforms the Car Buying Experience

Joanna Lawrence Blog

Digital disruption has quickly crept in and firmly cemented itself into every industry. No matter how hard we try to fight it off or stick to our tried-and-true methods, technology is here to stay. New car dealerships and manufacturers are no strangers to this disruption. If anything, connected car technology is completely transforming the car buying experience as we once …