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The Smarter Approach to Service

Service and maintenance are a pain – but it doesn’t have to be. With the CarRx vehicle maintenance software, you can be notified of routine service and maintenance directly from your smartphones. The system can translate over 19,000 error codes into plain English, providing easy to understand explanations and helping you stay ahead of costly repairs.

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The CarRx Solution for Drivers

Take the Stress-and-Guess Out of the Check Engine Light

Let us help you decide whether or not it’s safe to keep driving.

Maintenance Alerts

The CarRx vehicle maintenance software was designed to help you stay up-to-date on all your vehicle’s maintenance needs. Avoid severe and costly vehicle issues with routine service alerts such as oil levels and battery replacements.

Diagnostic Scan

Take the stress-and-guess out of the check engine light with detailed diagnostic reports. CarRx scans your vehicle every 15 minutes while it’s running and sends detailed diagnostic reports while notifying you of the severity of any detected issues.

Simplified Information

Not a car person? Not a problem. CarRx simplifies complex codes and diagnostics with three easy to understand safety levels: Green (No Issue), Yellow (Minor Issue), and Red (Severe Issue). Have a better understanding of whether it’s safe to keep driving or time for service.

Maintain Vehicle Health

Your vehicle is one of your most expensive investments – ensure its health and longevity while avoiding costly repairs with the CarRx vehicle maintenance software. Monitor your vehicle’s most crucial safety components including oil and battery levels, tire tread, and rest assured knowing you’re always ready for the road ahead.

Scheduling Service Has Never Been Easier

CarRx makes it fast and easy to schedule your next service appointment directly from your smartphone.
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Schedule Service

Simply tap on any Schedule Service button located throughout the app to schedule service with your dealer.
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Select Service Type

The app will automatically select any service your vehicle needs while allowing you to select additional services.
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Select Appointment Date & Time

Select your desired date and time for service and receive a notification once your appointment is confirmed.

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