The Elo GPS Solution For Dealers

Smarter Lot Management

Elo GPS enables dealers to track inventory, manage loaner inventory, prevent loss due to stolen vehicles, reduce cost, increase staff efficiency and increase customer satisfaction.

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The Elo GPS Solution for Dealers

Inventory In Real-Time

Take control of your lot in real-time.

Lot Management

Elo GPS allows dealer staff to instantly locate and check battery level of any new, used, loaner or dealer owned vehicles on or off the lot.

Theft Protection

Protect your lot from theft and instantly locate, find and recover missing or stolen inventory anywhere in the US and Canada.

Improved Customer Experience

Search a specific make, model or year and then instantly locate all vehicles on the lot that match your search and be able to see their battery levels. No more wasted time walking lots looking for a vehicle or only to find out it has a dead battery before a test drive.

Increased Customer Loyalty

Maintain a direct connection to your customer’s vehicle for life of the programs service.

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Elo GPS transformed what we do, helping us create an exceptional customer car buying experience.

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