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Elo GPS Is Driving Service Back to the Dealership with CarRx Feature

February 19, 2021
Elo GPS, one of the nation’s leading vehicle inventory management systems, has introduced a feature, CarRx, that is helping dealers across the country increase service retention while enhancing the overall customer experience.  CarRx is a feature within Elo GPS’ configurable system that allows dealers an efficient and effective way to communicate with customers post-sale. Unlike factory apps that send your...
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Dealers for Veterans Press Release

October 14, 2020
Connected Dealer Services (CDS) has partnered with three veteran’s non-profit organizations in their new Dealers for Veterans program. The new car franchise industry has a proud history of employing a large number of veterans in dealership locations across the country. Some dealer organizations, such as Jaguar Land Rover, even have Veterans Careers programs to encourage the hiring of veterans in...
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