About Elo GPS

We’re Technology Innovators

Whether you’re looking to protect yourself against theft or safeguard your loved ones against threatening driving risks, our team of innovators is dedicated to providing you with the most advanced products, services, and experiences that are easy-to-use and deliver peace of mind.


About Elo GPS

At Elo GPS, we’re passionate about creating a safer and more connected drive for you and your family.

Elo GPS lets you know everything about your car in real-time. Using our Elo GPS App you’ll know where your car’s been, where it is at any given time and how it’s being driven. It will even give you some information around your vehicle’s health. Elo GPS is the most powerful tool available to turn your car into a smarter, safer, more connected ride.

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About Connected Dealer Services

Connected Dealer Services (CDS) is a cloud-based, connected GPS technology company targeting progressive new car dealership across the US. Connected Dealer Services' primary focus is providing New Car Automotive Dealers with custom designed GPS based management tools and services that help dealers optimize operations, reduce cost and drive more profits to their bottom line. Our Elo GPS Lot Management and Vehicle Recovery System is engineered exclusively for new car dealers. The system helps Auto Dealers protect their vehicle assets, manage inventory, reduce costs, improve service retention and provide a value-added profit center at the point of sale.

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