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Driving Value Back to Your Dealership

Selling the car is only half the battle. The other half is finding ways to retain revenue from existing customers. That’s where CarRx steps in. The simplified, configurable system makes it easy for dealers to maintain a direct connection to their customer’s vehicle – and their service needs – for life.
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The CarRx Solution for Dealers

The Smart Approach to Customer Service

Enhance the customer experience and maintain critical service retention with CarRx.

Sell More Service

It’s common that once a customer leaves the lot, that’s the last time you see them. Keep your customers coming back to the dealership for services by sending routine maintenance alerts.

Personalized Marketing

Our simplified dashboard allows you to see the exact type of service your customer needs. Time for an oil change? Send a personalized message encouraging them to return for service.

Engage in Real-Time

No more sending paper notices or cold calls. Engage with your customers in real-time by sending alerts directly to their smartphones the second a problem arises.

Affordable Solutions

Reap the benefits of the system for your dealership, then pass the value off to your customers. Our pricing model allows dealers to install our devices in every vehicle while gaining an added profit center.

Experience the Benefits, Reap the Rewards


Increase Service Retention

CarRx keeps your valued customers returning to the dealership over third-party service vendors.

Elevate Customer Experience

Reach customers where they are most: their smartphones. Elevate the customer experience with personalized, direct messages.

Boost Your Bottom Line

Experience an increase in revenue by turning Elo GPS and CarRx into an added profit center for your dealership.

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