The Benefits of Offering Anti-Theft Technology to Your Customers. How Car Dealerships Can Increase Sales and Build Customer Loyalty

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Automotive News recently reported that 11 men were charged with stealing cars from 26 dealerships in Ohio. According to WHIO-TV, the thefts occurred from November 2, 2022, to March 17, 2023, and involved 26 car dealerships, with some broken into multiple times. There were 32 incidents of theft, totaling 86 cars and $5.1 million.  

Dealership car theft is a challenge to driving sales, optimizing operations, and fostering customer loyalty. Integrating anti-theft technology into your offerings can protect multiple sides of your business, acting as a catalyst for dealership performance. 

We can all agree that $5.1 million of inventory loss combined with customer fears of their vehicle being stolen while in service can harm your dealership. 

However, other than protecting your lot, offering anti-theft technology has other benefits. So, let’s check them out

Differentiating Your Inventory 

In a highly competitive market, differentiating your inventory is crucial. By offering vehicles equipped with anti-theft technology, you provide a unique selling point that can tip the scales in favor of your dealership. In addition, the peace of mind that comes with these devices is a potent selling point for customers. 

Reducing Operational Costs 

Anti-theft technology is not just beneficial for your customers. Tools like Elo GPS also serve as a valuable tool for inventory management. From reducing inventory audits from days to minutes to managing the health of the batteries on your lot to reduce replacement costs, you’ll not only make your dealership more efficient, but also reduce costs. 

Driving Insurance Savings for Customers 

When it comes to the total cost of ownership, every penny counts. As a result, many insurance companies like Nationwide offer discounts on premiums for vehicles fitted with anti-theft devices. This technology gives customers the potential for significant savings, making your cars more attractive. 

Building Customer Trust 

Customer trust is not a commodity; it’s earned. By offering anti-theft solutions, you send a clear message that their security is a priority to your dealership. This not only builds trust but also fosters loyalty, leading to repeat business and positive word-of-mouth referrals. 

Elo GPS locate your car

Elo GPS: A Comprehensive Anti-Theft Solution 


Elo GPS shines as a comprehensive solution. Beyond its core anti-theft function, it offers features like speed alerts and geo-fencing that add customer value. The system’s analytical insights for your dealership can aid in strategic decision-making, helping you streamline operations, plus add substantial value at point-of-sale.

Rev Up Your Dealership’s Performance 

Incorporating anti-theft technology into your offering presents a powerful opportunity. It enhances your inventory’s appeal, optimizes operations, and builds customer trust. In addition, you set your dealership apart by providing benefits like increased security and potential insurance savings, driving sales, and fostering loyalty. 

Equip your vehicles with anti-theft technology like Elo GPS, and drive your dealership towards sustained success. The road to improved performance starts here.