Reducing Car Theft on Your Lot: Best Practices for Dealerships to Secure Vehicles and Protect Assets

Colton Allen Blog

Picture this: It’s a bright, early Monday morning, and you’re ready to open your car dealership for another promising business day. As you walk around the lot, coffee in hand, your heart sinks. There’s an empty space where one of your top-line luxury SUVs sat gleaming in the sun just yesterday. The realization hits – you’ve fallen victim to car lot theft. 

Car dealerships, unfortunately, present an alluring opportunity for thieves. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, law enforcement agencies report vehicle theft increases of up 88 percent in many states, with 4 out of 10 nationwide car thefts occurring at auto dealerships.  

You know that theft and vandalism are significant financial liabilities for your dealership. With thieves stealing over 70 cars, as a North Carolina dealership experienced, the theft or damage of your valuable inventory can lead to devastating monetary losses that affect your bottom line and harm your dealership’s reputation.  

So how can you secure vehicles and make your lot a less enticing target for potential thieves? The best solution may lie in a mix of innovative tech and conventional security measures. 

  1. Implement High-Quality Surveillance Systems: A comprehensive network of high-resolution surveillance cameras can deter potential thieves. Regular checks to ensure unobstructed views and functioning systems can maintain the efficacy of this line of defense.
  2. Illuminate Your Dealership Lot: Good lighting is a simple yet effective deterrent. A brightly lit lot can dissuade thieves aiming for a quick and stealthy operation.
  3. Regularly Review and Update Security Measures: A proactive security protocol includes regular audits to identify vulnerabilities and relevant staff training to keep everyone updated on security measures.
  4. Control and Monitor Access to Your Dealership Lot: Access control is vital. Limit entrance to authorized personnel and customers accompanied by staff. Many dealers use a vehicle key management service to track keys and log users. At the very least, keeping a strict log of vehicle movements can further detect any unauthorized activity.
  5. Utilize a Vehicle Tracking System: This is where Elo GPS comes in. Providing real-time location information and sending alerts if a vehicle leaves a specified area not only helps recover stolen vehicles quickly and gives more peace of mind that your lot’s assets are protected from any outcome.

And Elo GPS provides geofencing abilities that allow you to set invisible boundaries within the app that alerts you if ever crossed by the vehicle. Set boundaries around areas around your lot so that you are alerted immediately when a car leaves the premises. As well-set boundaries around test drive locations so that you have better monitoring of if the vehicle is actually going where it is supposed to. 

But let’s return to our earlier scenario. Imagine, instead, if the stolen vehicle had been equipped with Elo GPS. Law enforcement could be immediately notified, and the car’s exact location provided, vastly increasing the chances of a quick recovery. In this instance, what could have been a devastating loss becomes a testament to the effectiveness of your dealership’s security measures. 

Smarter Lot Management 

Coupling technology like Elo GPS with traditional security measures can turn your dealership from an enticing opportunity into a fortress. In the face of vigilance and adaptation, potential thieves will soon learn that the risk is too high, and your lot is not an easy target.  

Protect your assets, secure your profits, and maintain your reputation with the right blend of security measures. Let the would-be thieves know – your dealership is ready and resilient.