<span class="white size-48 left-bottom">Say Goodbye to Jumper Cables</span>

Say Goodbye to Jumper Cables

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Get Alerts When
It's Time for Service

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Regularly Schedule Service - CarRx - Elo GPS


CarRx keeps track of your car’s routine maintenance schedule.

Imagine having your own personal vehicle concierge. It’s here! CarRx. CarRx helps to remove some of those unexpected things in life – you know, like a dead car battery when you’re late for an interview or an important meeting. CarRx notifies you in advance when your battery is low so you can be proactive and prepare.

No need to memorize your car’s owners manual either. CarRx has it covered! CarRx lets you know when it’s time for regular service and maintenance checks. Most manufacturers use a 30k|60k|90k mile maintenance schedule. Whether it’s an oil change or you need to replace windshield wiper blades, CarRx is continuously monitoring the health of your vehicle and keeping you informed. CarRx even provides you with easy access to open recalls for your vehicle. And when you’re ready to schedule a service appointment, CarRx has you covered. You can set up your service appointment right there in the app.

CarRx helps you be better prepared for life’s unexpected events.

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Get GPS Facts - Why Connect? Elo GPS
Automatic Alerts


The average car battery lasts somewhere between two and five years. Elo GPS alerts you when your battery life is low to ensure you do not end up stranded somewhere.

Automatic Alerts


The vehicle with the highest mileage covered a total of 2,850,00 miles. Regular servicing helps to extend the life of your vehicle.

Automatic Alerts


65 speeding tickets are issued every minute. The cost includes the ticket and potentially an increase in your insurance. Elo GPS monitors speed and alerts you if your traveling over the limit you set.



Have Confidence that Your Car is Healthy with Elo


A boundary, or geofence, is a geographic area you draw on the map that you can set up alerts when your car either enters or exits the area.

For example, you can draw a circle around your son's/daughter's school and have Elo alert you if he/she leaves school early.

Elo GPS turns your car into a connected car. It allows you to monitor vehicle events and set thresholds or targets for each events. You can even send alerts to your phone once a threshold has been met. Here are some common alerts you may want to set up:

  • Low Car Battery Life
  • Mileage targets - so you can be proactive about car maintenance
  • Speed Alerts - helps you monitor and guide family members with led feet
  • Boundaries - like if you teen driver leaves school early

There are many other types of alerts you can set up to stay connected to your car and loved ones!

Yes. You can have email notifications sent to your email inbox on your phone.