Growing Revenue Doesn’t Need to Be A Gamble

Elo+ Insurance

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Grow Revenue and Secure Sales

Elo+ Insurance quickly generates an insurance quote for drivers to provide a smooth sales process and secure additional revenue for your dealership.

Use a digital auto insurance quick app to generate competitive insurance quotes for customers, bind coverage, and provide required documentation while the customer is in the showroom for a faster more efficient delivery. A remote licensed Sales Agent will call the customer within minutes of them completing the quote form to answer any questions or complete the transaction.

  • Referral fee paid for every policy sold

  • Opportunity for commissions (subject to licensing). Licensing support provided!

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Improve Customer Experience

Easy, efficient, and fast process to help you deliver more cars and ensure a great experience for your customers.

Boost Profits

Drivers are more likely to buy aftermarket products when paired with insurance. Plus get referral fees and the opportunity for commissions (subject to licensing).

Secure More Sales

Competitive auto insurance quotes from over 30 companies that are sure to fit every customer’s insurance needs and protect you from liablity. Spot insurance available.

Increase Buyer Spending Power

Helping drivers find insurance savings frees up budget for them to purchase their desired vehicle, trim level, and add F&I products.
  • Intelligent Lot Management.
  • Secure lots and locate missing or stolen vehicles with real-time location data and geofencing.
  • Access 24/7 hotline with a dedicated team of recovery specialists.
  • Detailed reports and easy to use dashboards.
  • Provide additional revenue point of sale by passing value to the customer.
  • Vehicle health monitoring.
  • Customer retention with personalized in-app marketing to send offers and reminders directly to their phones.
  • Ensure customers are directed back to your dealership for service, unlike other factory apps.
  • Customers can schedule service in the mobile app in half the clicks it takes on most websites.

Grow Your Profits With

Elo+ is a collection of tools designed to help sales teams and F&I sell more vehicles, in less time, for a higher gross. By leveraging Elo GPS' technology you can enhance VSC's, warranties, and insurance.

  • Increase profit per vehicle
  • Improve the customer experience

Elo+ Theft Benefit coupled with Elo GPS’ vehicle location data provides not only peace of mind to drivers, but a reinsured revenue stream for dealerships.

  • $5,000 Theft Benefit
  • $3,000 Cash Benefit
  • Down Payment Assistance

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